I am so happy that it is coming up to Summer and I can take of all the layers. Summer is my favourite season ofcourse, I feel more girly and feminine with my clothing and I always seem to wear a lot more colour than normal. Here is a beautiful shirt from Mart Of China, you can view more beautiful pieces here.



Denim Jacket/Thrifted

I can finally wear my new Beyond Retro boots. I found them while I was in Dalston London and I was at the Miista shoes Sample sale. Then I came across the Dalston Beyond retro store and fell in love. I feel like a spice girl but that is always OK! They can make any outfit look more grunge, I love chunky boots so much, the chunkier the better. I will be wearing them a lot in my upcoming posts! The shirt is so cool, I haven't seen anything like it in the high street stores so I was really happy to receive this unique shirt from Blackfive. I added the denim jacket for that effortless grunge look  so adding denim is always a good idea.

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Boy Blue, Yeah you!

Boots/River Island
Hat/River Isalnd

I picked up this amazing hat in Oxford Street in London, It was in the sale for £10!! I am a sucker for hats, I love the electric blue colour! I never want to take this dress off, it is almost see through so it is maybe a good idea to wear black shorts under and not colourful pants like me. haha! I had to purchase the lace kimono I think it definitely one of those items that is a must have piece in your wardrobe. Especially in Spring/Summer for when it gets a little chilly, nothing beats a floaty kimono.


The Morning

So I did not go to Coachella obviously, which sucks for me but here is a Coachella inspired outfit. Lets pretend that I was there! because I really wish i was. I love this summer look, the skirt is separate so it is not a dress. You can find it at a very low cost here. The other items I am wearing I have had for awhile, the crotchet jacket is from Primark awhile ago and the dream catcher you can find them on eBay. I made it into a necklace myself, I normally have it hanging on my window. :)